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FansSpeak traces the 108 year journey of the Chicago Cubs and Cubs fans to the 2016 World Championship, as told by the fans. Cubs fans talk about the ups and downs, being a Cubs fan and lore associated with the team's quest for a World Series win.

Principal photography began when the Cubs clinched the National League title and continued through the World Series. Supplementary filming is currently being conducted and the film is beginning post-production (editing).

Production Team

Producer-Director: Mitchell Lieber

Planning Producer: Greg Scott

Director of Photography: Jon Kline

Sound Recordist: Zachary Thorpe

Assistant Producer: Joe Louis

Assistant Editor: Deborah Libby

Additional Camera: Rich Cohen, Mitchell Lieber, Zachary Thorpe

Additional Sound: Patrick Kennedy, Mitchell Lieber, Alisha Mendez

Production Assistant: Joey Wiesen

Web Support: Vishal Mehta