Though it primarily produces its own projects, David-Rose Films performs work for hire projects including:

  •   Documentaries
  •   Documentary style commercials
  •   Testimonial commercials

David-Rose Films pays special attention to each project's goal, audience, story, visual design and sound design. As required, finished products are delivered in high defintion (HD), ultra high definition (UHD) or 4K.

The company has unique approaches to obtaining compelling person-on-the-street interviews. It is also very experienced with sit-down interviews, observational filming, event filming, live action and music. When required, locating and licensing historical archival material is a specialty backed by years of experience. David-Rose Films' employs multiple camera, sound and editing staffs. It selects the staff best suited to the nature and requirements of each project. During editing, in addition to the usual iterations, David-Rose Films often prepares variations on the edit to arrive at the best cut.

All of this effort is in service of the piece's story and the project's main objective.

When creating commercials, David-Rose's lead producer calls on his experience in broadcast advertising and as former chair of the Board of Governors of the DMA's International ECHO awards. There, he spent a decade viewing and judging the world's most outstanding advertising that produced measurable results. He also won an International ECHO Award. David-Rose Films' crews shoot commercials for many leading companies.

If your project is a documentary, the staff at David-Rose Films are expert at writing, planning, filming and editing documentaries as well as including the right "B" roll and images in just the right way to support the story arc. David-Rose Films assembles compelling true stories in the form of documentary films.

Finished documentaries and commercials can be delivered in high definition (HD), ultra high definition (UHD) or 4K, as required.

For more information contact Mitchell Lieber at 773-325-0608.